Anne and Neil’s wedding was a simple and honest DIY affair but with so much care and attention brought to every detail. Rustic signs dotting the dusty roads, hand crafted by Anne’s uncle, guided all the guests from far and wide to an intimate scene under the pines. A lone storm passed over the landscape as we set off in a 4WD for the portrait session. The sun came out to catch the light rain that fell on the hills and valleys below.

“We will be married under pine trees overlooking the beautiful mountain range and dance the night away under a sea of stars…”

These were the words Anne sent us in her initial contact. Anne and Neil did indeed get married under pine trees on a family property that lay beneath Queensland’s imposing and breathtaking Mount Barney range. They also danced under a sky so clear and star filled, one could only stand and observe in awe.

There was nothing that could dampen Anne and Neil’s mood. The imperfect was perfect as far as they were concerned. The spilt bottle of red wine on Anne’s dress as the night revelry drew to a close was just the next detail in a story of their lives they could laugh at one day. And as Anne wrote in her initial email to us “not a day goes without us having a full belly laugh at each other”

We wish them a hell of a lot more belly laughs in the future. Thank you Anne and Neil, for having us along on this incredible adventure with you both.

// Words and photos by Jakub and Zosia // Anne and Neil’s wedding is also featured on Hello May.